Are you looking to own a boat this year? If so, you might want to consider joining a powerboat club instead. Although there are differences between owning a boat and belonging to a powerboat club, the two options do have one very important thing in common – membership in either can be the best decision for your personal finance this year. Choosing to belong to a powerboat club is an easy decision when you think about it. Instead of purchasing a boat and financing it over the long haul, enthusiasts who join powerboat clubs qualify for low-interest loans that can be used to purchase boats outright. Benefits aside, joining is also much more enjoyable than being an owner of a boat. Here are some reasons why:

Membership in a Power Boat Club is Less Expensive Than Owning a Boat

One of the most important things to consider when buying a boat is the price tag. You’re likely going to end up with a much cheaper boat in a powerboat club than if you were to buy a boat in cash and finance it over time. The bottom line is that on a cost per mile basis, powerboat membership is less expensive than owning a boat. This is true even when you take into account the cost of insurance, maintenance, equipment and financing. To put this in perspective, consider the following example. Assume you bought a boat in cash for $300,000. You would have to pay $20,000 in annual insurance, $40,000 for a maintenance contract, $3,000 for a Paint Protection System (PPS), and $9,000 for a powerboat loan. What would have cost you if you’d headed to the water with a 2014 Yamaha YP500 for $30,000? Not including interest and closing costs, your total cost for the boat would be $19,500. Your investment in the boat would be $30,000, and you’ve spent $19,500 on it. Your total investment is thus $39,500. If, however, you were to join a powerboat club and pay $300 per year, you would get a boat for that amount that would otherwise have gone to someone who couldn’t afford it. In this case, your investment is $300 x 3 = $750 in boat equity. As you can see, the total cost of membership is very reasonable when compared to the price of ownership.

Membership in a Powerboat Club is More Thrilling than Owning a Boat

There is clearly some level of ownership involved in owning a boat. You might enjoy watching the sunset from the back of the boat while you wait for your friends to show up for a ride, or you might love to take it out every weekend and use it as your own personal yacht. Even if you don’t plan on ever seeing your boat again, it’s common for people to spend the majority of their adult life in the boat. It’s also clear that the more you enjoy your boat, the more you’ll want to do for it. It’s important to note that both clubs allow members to do just about anything they want with their boat. As a member of a powerboat club, you can join a club social event, take a class, or just sit back and watch the water while you wait for your friends to show up.

There are So Many Great Boats to Choose From That Becoming a Member of a Powerboat Club

Choosing the right boat for you can be an exciting experience. Unlike when you’re buying a new car, you don’t have to settle for anything. All clubs offer a wide range of options, including boats with several different engines and configurations. You can also choose between factory-built and custom boats. Although the latter are usually more expensive, they provide a higher level of customization that can make the boat look more like the person who owns it. There are many choices when it comes to the hull of the boat.

Access to Powerboat Lessons

Both powerboat clubs and owners can provide you with access to on-the-water lessons. This gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the different engines, accessories, and hull designs that are available. You can also look online for lessons that are available near you. There are many different types of lessons, including group lessons, individual lessons, and multi-level lessons. Group lessons are usually cheaper than individual lessons, and offer the added benefit of saving you time. You’ll also find a wide range of powerboat clubs that offer multi-level lessons. These lessons allow you to progress through a series of challenges, from basic to advanced.


If you’re thinking about buying a boat, consider joining a powerboat club. This can be a more thrilling experience than owning a boat, since you’re not only helping to acquire a boat, but also financing it as well. There are many advantages to both ownership and membership in a powerboat club. Choosing to belong to a powerboat club is an easy decision when you think about it.